Raising Up Courageous Imagination™

When we log into a work network or step into a workplace, each of us brings the story of who we are with us.

Even from our very first days on earth, each of our stories begins shaping and being shaped by culture. For instance, on the morning of November 3, 1969, the postmistress of Puncheon Creek in the rural mountains of Southeastern Kentucky’s Breathitt County was nervous. Her first grandchild, the 8th generation born to this place, was soon to arrive. That night, at 9:30 pm, while I was still wet and crying, U.S. President Richard Nixon addressed the nation on television and radio to announce his plans to end American involvement in the Vietnam War. But just three weeks later, he signed into law the first “draft lottery” to determine which young men would be picked first for military service in Vietnam.

Culture and Imagination

Today, identity, media, and technology are intersecting and accelerating change at a pace unknown in human history. Always in dialogue with each other, culture and imagination are dynamic. They are always in transition, always in motion. In the process, they shape everything we think we know and how we see ourselves and others.

Great Resignation or Great Imagination?

#Imagination is a precursor to #creativity. Both are constructed at the individual employee and organizational levels. But, more often than not, many leaders don’t seem to understand the imperative of aligning the two levels when seeking to unlock #innovation. This is why #inclusion matters to #business. It assists in transforming an organization’s latent capacity into enterprise-wide #value creation.

Courageous Imagination™ Study — LAUNCHING IN MAY 2022 as part of CU DENVER’S IMAGINATOR ACADEMY



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Culture Futurist ™

Culture Futurist ™

Rockies-based Culture Futurist™from Appalachia. Pioneering into the wilderness of unopened life at intersection of Arts, Media, Health, Business, and Education.